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American artist b. 1970-

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Hello everyone: Thanks
for taking the time to read this. I am currently painting on TV.

My Show it's about my art.

I produce my own weekly Public access TV show here in Fairfield County, Connecticut, since 1997.

The Artist Showcase � is broadcast on Cablevision of Connecticut. © 1989- 2019-2020

I was born in Greenwich,Connecticut at Greenwich Hospital.

I grew up

in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

In a small town on the water. Having grown up with a wonderful father as a

artist, and a lovely mother.

I am the youngest child in my family and this picture is my favorite childhood photograph. I swallow a basketball. So it seemed.

I do enjoy living in Connecticut.

I can't seem to get away from the small town charm.

I enjoy a very simple life style.

Sometimes, it's too quiet here. As much as I travel,
it Always feels good to be back home.

I traveled the world at a young age. I traveled to Paris, France, Greece,

Germany, London, Italy, Ireland, Suisse,
and Spain, just to name a few places. I recall living in Holland for a little while,in Leiden when I was 19 and 20 with my girl friend.

I consider myself 100% American, having attended college in Texas,
and Connecticut. I have some very special feelings
for Ireland but, I love New England. America is my home. I was born in Connecticut, as my father, and my grand father was born in new york city.

Since my Grandmother was born there.

Having come from a family of artists.

I feel very happy to have had a father growing up who is an artist.

A painter. I enjoyed
watching him paint and hearing
the sound of
'Physical Graffiti', by Led Zeppelin,
being blasted through his Macintosh Amplifier,
and OUT of his Bozak speakers.
The sound of that room still rings,
and echos in my ears.

Joseph Samuel La Morte, not someone who always went to an office. Rather, just the opposite,
someone you always saw.

More than being a father,
he was a friend,

my coach in a few sports.

Clip Remembering Darien When-"boat"

("Remembering Darien When"- A Documentary Film By Darrin Andrew La Morte. Remembering Darien When is a motion picture film which La Morte introduces others who lived and grew up in Darien they share their own personal life experiences and they reveal a few stories of what they remembered about being apart of this small beautiful community in Fairfield County Connecticut.). Running time 30 minutes. CLICK TO ORDER A DVD!

I learned to sail at 7. I have a love for the water. I have had many fond memories of being inside an artist's studio.
Every day, after school I would find myself sitting
in there, doing my home work.

I would listen to the loud music, sit and think while I tried to draw.

What in the world did I want to do?

Those days, have long passed. Sitting in my own studio I can recall now why I decided to be an artist. A painter.

It is in my blood.
I was born with it.

My name is: Darrin Andrew La Morte.

I am a American artist.

I consider myself to be a self taught artist, an 'outsider.'

I like to think that I have my own style,
since I have never be taught.

I enjoy painting this way. The painting below is entitled, "The Mad Scientist". It's a self portrait,
John De Nunzio, my old pal, is smiling at me.

The painting was created using oil paint,
small rocks from the driveway,
my own hair cut off my own head,
glued onto the canvas,
wood, piece of plastic,leather
from a old pair of shoes, string, cotton fabric, wool dress jacket cut up into pieces, pencil, mother of pearl buttons,
signed with coloured fabric: d a lamorte. (to form the jacket)on canvas,
24 x 36" (60.96 x 91.44cm.).

If you happen to have this
painting hanging up on your wall?
Please let me know.

I sent it to a friend as a gift never expecting to get
it back, however she moved out of a place where she was
staying, and did not take the painting with her. I would like to find it again.
I would love to know who has it?
Last seen hanging in Northern California,
(Cloverdale)in Santa Rosa area.

I think, I will grow with new concepts; just experimenting with different methods of Darrin Andrew La Morte own painting Technique

My grandfather, Samuel Joseph La Morte,

was a painter of boats. He lived in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Born in New York City. Than, he lived the 'good life' in the Sunny "Sunshine State" of Florida until his untimely death. Samuel was able to mix any colour.

I am like him, he loved to travel.

In addition, having a uncle Thomas. A retired High school art teacher.

He is still a active painter.

His son, my cousin, Steven Otto La Morte, is a
well-established filmmaker living in New York.

I am really happy now doing my own TV show. "The Artist Showcase".

I feel it is most enjoyable to just do one painting to completion.

I love making documentry films and " waiitng" was the most fun to create as the director/ producer/filmmaker I have received some very nice letters from people whom have watched my TV show, on the AIR And what is really something to hear,
people tell me they watched the show,
and that they like it. And those people who have stopped me in the streets to say hello.

I have always enjoyed created things with my hands. I guess, I was just born with this in my heart. I love elephants so much it kills me inside the world needs to much more to stop these international acts against wildlife. We must keep their their beauty alive forever! The Africian elephants, Rhinos, and other wild loving creatures, in Africa, and Asia, they do need our full support in 2020..and in the next ten years. We must put and end to the destruction of our international wild life This animals., Are worth Billions and Billions, if not Sextillions, dollars kept alive for all of us to enjoy the beauty they to me, I am sure I want America and the world to do all they can to save these beautiful creatures for all of us. We all live on the same world. Lets just do our part to help Africa and preserve the Africian wild life from poachers so we may learn from our mistakes, and say no to Game hunting as we should donate money to africa not make hunting legal. As it will only ruin the ivory ban agreement that has been agreed to by all governments.

I think, it has been there, all along since birth.

I feel very, very, lucky, I come from a mixture
of different diverse culture backgrounds

Irish being the one which I love.
I am part Italian,Scottish,
English, and tiny bit
Ukrainian. (Kiev) Russian.

I have a funny feeling,

that having all of these tiny pieces of these different backgrounds
had something to do with why I chose to be an artist.
A Painter.

I think, I understand the value of understanding two systems of thinking,

two ways of evaluating things in life.
I think, I know how it feels. The elephant also understands like us that they can think just like humans can they have feelings, even after death of a loved one.

I was born on January 22nd, at 3:30PM.

I enjoy bright open spaces, and listening
to the sounds of birds, of all kinds. I just adore a happy Elephant in peace and I love watching them play. We should live in a world of peace for the animals not a world of greed/ I found rather amusing that a Elephant killed a man because he was kiiling a Rhino, and You see, they are only protecting them selves in self defense, who brings a gun to Africa? What kind a world do we live in in 2019-2020, we must America put and end to this Violence and Unite the world to save the African elephants.

I enjoy running marathons,

and letting the wind hit my face. I love running especially, when it is raining.

I grew up playing tennis,
I would sleep with my racquet thinking, that I'd somehow become the next Bjorn Borg.

Anyway, that never did happen. Bjorn Borg was my favorite tennis player, and Jimmy Connors also.
I feel that I was born with a gift for tennis
(The Outsider: A Memoir by Jimmy Connors
Overview The Outsider is a no-holds-barred memoir by the original bad boy of tennis, Jimmy Connors. Connors ignited the tennis boom in the 1970s with his aggressive style of play, turning his matches with John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and Ivan Lendl into prizefights. But it was his prolonged dedication to his craft that won him the public�s adoration.
) but late found out that it was art! Thanks to my father. I like creating works of art when I was five years old and seven I loved the idea of writing poems, at Sixteen, my first card was a FORD MUSTAG, straight 6 engine, and I will never forget how much fun it was to drive

Darrin Andrew La Morte and Spencer Segura

I have played since five.

I am still quite good.
Now, I try to play once a week,at noon, in the summer.

I am still in awe that I gave,

Jimmy Connors,

a handshake and we never played tennis together.
Meeting him,it felt like I was shaking God's hand.

I enjoy Christmas time, with my family, and friends,

I have always welcomed painting; and I truely enjoy photographing

nature, and people

with my range finder camera. I love photography, but, painting, I think is my real love.

I cherish the times spent with my beautiful
Peach Faced Love Bird, Charlie, and my family.

I am not dreaming. I would like to build or buy a building in Connecticut.

Not a home for me to live in.
A home for artwork to live in.

I would like to raise 2 to 5 million dollars
to buy or build a building. I am asking for your help.
I need your help.

If you enjoy the arts, I hope you like my paintings,

And if you enjoy going to see works of art. I will continue to create works of art for many more years

Than, by all means

Please give
what you can!

Why not, go ahead and have a heart :o)


D O N A T E.


My own museum.

A place where I may show films,

leave my paintings behind, in the town where I grew up.

Charge a small fee to enter.
A place where people
from all over the world could come and look at works of art.

My name is : Darrin Andrew La Morte, I am a American artist. A painter and this is entitled: CRYING :

for the next 2,000 years.

I hope you learned a little bit about me today.

With a friend Monica.

I will try to keep you moving in to the future with my art.

I think, this bio won't change that much.

My goal in life, is to remain on TV.

I started The Artist Showcase a TV show in 1997, because I could not

find a gallery, that would show my work, my paintings and my films.

I thought TV would
be my GREAT outlet
to reach an

audience closer to home.

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