Charlie My Peach Faced Love Bird waiting on edge of dresser drawl her apartment :)

Charlie My Peach Faced Love Bird~VIDEO CLIP 1- MARCH 18TH, 2003.

Charlie My Peach Faced Love Bird~VIDEO CLIP 2- MARCH 18TH, 2003.

Charlie My Peach Faced Love Bird~
VIDEO CLIP 3- MARCH 18TH, 2003. She was like having another family member.
Each day, morningI would take her for a walk around the house outside and today I think about her.
And I still recall what fun it was to spend those mornings with her... Each day, and everyday for almost 18 years. I miss her. Charlie is in my hand chewing some twiggs while I QUACK LIKE A DUCK! She was like having another family member. Each day I think about her. Each day I miss her.
I think she loves me, too.

The loss of Charlie has taken it toll on me mentally and physically.
I do not know if I will ever get over the amount of love,
and effection she gave me over these 17 and 1/2 years.

Charlie's company as a pet was
one very beautiful bird and I will greatly miss her. She was human like.
She was part of our family.
I do cherish all the times I had with her. Every morning I wake up I miss all of those beautiful times we spent with each other. Each day, that goes bye somehow I know that she is still with me.

Peach Faced Love Birds are so smart. I just wish God
would have let me have
her back for just an hour, day, one more year!

The Cyclist

A Painting by Darrin Andrew La Morte.

PINK TEA ROSE (click to view show)

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Lovebirds were a largely unheard of species outside of Africa until Europeans wrote in books and journals about these strange brightly colored birds they had seen while in Africa.

The first Lovebird to be described in detail was the Red Faced lovebird in the early 1600, it was also the first lovebird to be imported into Europe during the 19th century since it was found in more widely in the wild than any of the other species.
Other species of lovebird were imported soon after the Red Faced except the Peach Face which was thought to be variant of the Red Faced, although the Peach Faced Lovebird

British Museum in 1793. It wasn't until 1817 that the Peach Faced Lovebird was recognized as a separate species of Lovebird and were imported into Europe in the mid 1800's.

Lovebirds are an easy bird to keep as a pet and are very colorful they became favorites with people all over the world.
Between 1900 and 1927 four more species of lovebird were discovered by explorers from Europe: the Fischers, Masked, Black cheeked & Nyasa Lovebird. Since there are large amounts of lovebirds in pet shops or from lovebird breeders aviary's it is no longer necessary to import lovebirds from Africa.
The wide variety of lovebirds around the world gives us an advantage over the Europeans who had to rely heavily of importation of lovebirds from Africa many years ago.
Birds bred locally are much more likely to be tame and healthy.




A Painting by Darrin Andrew La Morte
PINK TEA ROSE, this was a remaster from it orginial version

& was dedicated in Loving Memory of Charlie.Here Charlie is with me during the filming of "The Cyclist"